food-processingGood hygiene in food production areas is paramount to meet stringent accreditation standards. Your success depends on satisfying your Customers and managing your risks associated with compliance to standards. Preventing contamination in food production areas is a constant and serious concern for your business; hygiene standards must be maintained at all times. Every processing facility has many different areas and tasks, each with differing hygiene and safety requirements.

At Chempower, our food & beverage cleaning, sanitation and plant hygiene solutions help our customers achieve great results. We offer a range of chemical cleaning and dispensing solutions for organisations wanting to meet HACCP accreditation standards. Our services include design and implementation of chemical delivery systems to ensure optimum results and operational safety, monitoring of chemical results, stock maintenance and control, food safety training, occupational health & safety and customising chemical programs. Keeping your production area clean is easier with our products and solutions. Give your Customers confidence; use our solutions to create a safe and hygienically clean environment.

Automatic Machine Pot, Pan, Utensil and Ware washing

When it comes to high-volume washing of commercial and industrial products commonly found in food production facilities, Chempower’s range of ware washing detergents and drying agents set new standards in clean. Our formulations provide for intensive wash and rinse action to deliver outstanding results whatever the machine or application.

These products used in conjunction with our automatic detergent dosing systems are designed to give customers customised solutions to their needs. We partner with you to develop best practices, training and compliance.

Hard Surface Cleaning / Sanitising

To meet food safety standards, a food business must ensure that all utensils and food contact surfaces of equipment, are clean and sanitised. Poor cleaning techniques, use of products not fit for task and waste build up are practices that can contribute to microbiological, chemical and physical contamination of food Therefore, meticulous cleaning is an integral element to many stages of the food manufacturing process. Our range of cleaning solutions are designed to help you continuously improve all aspects of your cleaning routine to overcome these problems.

Chempower understands the importance to meet these food safety standards and the importance of protecting the health and safety of your consumers and the related business risk of non-compliance. That is why we will help you develop and maintain a food safety routine that is simple, compliant and practical.

Fresh Produce Preparation and Sanitising

The sanitary washing and treatment of fruits and vegetables during food preparation is a critical factor in protecting the health and safety of its consumers. To meet food safety standards, a food processing business must ensure that they meet strict protocol when preparing fresh produce for consumption.

Chempower can provide guidance on products and systems to the sanitation step to reduce the levels of bacteria, including any contaminating human pathogens, and prevent cross contamination of produce during the washing stage.

Personal Hygiene and Skin Care

Personal hygiene is where it all begins and ends for any food processing operation. A food manufacturing business must ensure that its food handlers do not handle produce if there is possibility of contamination. Ensure your production area meets the Food Standards health and hygiene standards by providing easily accessible handwashing facilities of running water, soap and single use towels. Keep your team healthy and your wash stations hygienically clean with our range of easy-to-use products and cost-effective solutions.

Partnering with GOJO and Purell, our skin care and hand hygiene systems combines industry leading products and dispensers to give you efficient and effective outcomes that meet food safety standards. Chempower will ensure your customers and staff are protected giving you the confidence and peace of mind you desire.

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