SPARKLE DELUXE  Concentrated premium hand dishwashing liquid.
SUPER SUDS Premium hand dishwashing liquid.
PRO-DISH ZL50 Chlorinated machine dishwashing auto feed liquid.
DISHBRITE Concentrated machine dishwashing auto feed liquid.
DISHEX Machine dishwashing auto feed liquid.
DESTAIN ZL50  Stain remover/sanitiser machine dishwashing auto feed liquid.
STREAK FREE Concentrated machine rinse agent.
FLASH OFF Machine rinse agent.
GLASSBRITE Machine glass washing liquid
STAINLESS STEEL OIL Stainless steel & chrome polish.
CHEM-CLEAN Q Hard surface foaming sanitiser, degreaser & cleaner.
CHEM-CLEAN HP Chlorinated foaming sanitiser, degreaser & cleaner.
CHEM-CLEAN 10 General purpose sanitiser and concentrate cleaner.
CHEMSAN QAC Hard Surface no rinse sanitiser concentrate.
WARRIOR Concentrated oven and grill plate heavy duty cleaner.
TERMINATOR Oven and grill plate heavy duty cleaner.
SANI-WIZ Chlorinated multi-purpose bleach, whitener, sanitiser and cleaner
PRO-STRIKE Liquid degreasing detergent.
TORNADO 2000 Liquid alkaline heavy duty degreasing detergent (caustic boosted)
COMBAT GREASE. Heavy-Duty caustic degreasing powder.
SOAK Crockery, plate, cups and cutlery stain remover/sanitiser – Chlorinated
STAINOX Crockery, plate, cups and cutlery stain remover/sanitiser
DISHMASTER Machine dishwashing powder – manual feed.
DESCALER Lime, scale & rust remover
METHYLATED SPIRIT Methylated spirit 96%
CAUSTIC SODA Sodium Hydroxide peals 99%
SANI VEG Fruit and Vegetable sanitiser
STAINOX Crockery, plate, cups and cutlery stain remover/sanitiser
COMBI CLEAN XR50 Combi oven degreasing detergent and cleaner
DISOLVE CL30 Combi oven descaling and rinsing agent
PROXITANE Fruit and Vegetable sanitiser
STRIKE FORCE Heavy duty degreasing powder
ALKALI 325% Liquid alkaline additive
BRACTON DP1. Beer Line Cleaning Detergent.
BRACTON DP2 Beer Line Sanitising Detergent
BRACTON SOAK Glass soaking powder stain remover/sanitiser
BRACTON GLASSWASH Machine Glass washing Detergent.
POWER ALK High Tech Liquid Alkali Wash Additive
POWER DET Liquid detergent for use with Power Alk.
POWER CHLOR Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%.
POWER SOUR Acidic Neutraliser
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE Liquid oxygen bleach -50%
POWER SOFT Fabric conditioner/antistatic agent & softener
POWER BREAK Heavy duty premium commercial break laundry powder – caustic boosted
POWER BRITE Heavy duty premium industrial laundry powder
POWER WASH High performance heavy duty laundry breakwash powder – caustic boosted
POWER ZYME Premium Industrial Enzyme laundry powder.
CP 18 LAUNDRY LIQUID One shot heavy duty laundry liquid.
POWER QUEST Liquid complexing agent.
POWER FRESH Pleasantly perfumed liquid bactericide.
NEUTRA SOFT Combination sour and fabric softener/antistatic agent
SOLVAY PLUS Solvent and hydrocarbon based scouring & emulsifying agent
POWERSOAK Oxygen based laundry pre-wash soaker.
SUPER WASH General-purpose blue laundry powder.
ACTION PLUS Concentrate blue deluxe laundry powder.
ACTION PLUS E Premium white laundry powder.
ACTION PLUS L Concentrated deluxe laundry liquid
STAIN AWAY Premium laundry pre-wash stain remover.
WOOL WASH Liquid wool wash
POWERBRITE B Premium commercial strength laundry powder.
CHEMTEC SK500-VII Linen reclaim and rejuvenation powdered detergent
CHEMTEC XRT500% Linen reclaim and rejuvenation liquid detergent.
CHEMTEC SKS-L250% Linen reclaim and rejuvenation liquid detergent
CHEMSAN OPL Fabric finishing and sanitising agent
ANTI-CHLOR Chlorine neutralising agent.
CHEMTEC SKS-L250% Linen reclaim and rejuvenation liquid detergent
WINDOW KING Window, glass & chrome cleaner
POWER CLEAN All purpose spray and wipe.
SHEEN WIZARD Furniture spray cleanser/polish.
FORMULA 1 All purpose general cleaning detergent.
SANI-WIZ Chlorinated multi-purpose bleach, whitener, sanitiser and cleaner
PRO-STRIKE Liquid degreasing detergent.
STRIKE FORCE Alkaline Heavy-Duty degreasing powder (non caustic).
CREAM CLEAN Non abrasive cream cleanser.
MULTI CLEAN Sanitiser/De-stainer
AMBIENT KLEEN Commercial grade disinfectant
A K PLUS Heavy duty disinfectant & cleaner
BLUE THUNDER Toilet, Urinal & Washroom acid cleaner/ disinfectant.
CHEM-CLEAN Q Heavy duty foaming sanitiser/cleaner
TRI-SHIELD Disinfectant, cleaner & deodorant.
WHITE THUNDER Premium liquid bleach.
POWER FRESH Air freshener/deodorant.
CARPET X Carpet spotter, soil break & extraction concentrate.
GREASE SPOTTER Oil and grease stain.
FOOD SPOTTER Food, coffee & wine stain remover.
PROTEIN SPOTTER Protein & Blood stain remover.
STRIP OFF Heavy duty floor stripper.
FLOOR SEALER Acrylic sealer.
CONCRETE SEALER Acrylic concrete & stone sealer.
ESI-GLOSS Floor sealer/polish.
SUPERGLOSS High gloss metallised floor sealer/polish.
SPRAY BUFF Polished floor cleaner & revitaliser.
SOFT-SOAP Dispenser soap with moisturiser.
SOFT SOAP AB Anti bacterial liquid hand soap
ULTRA SILK All over liquid dispenser hair & body wash.

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