food-service-chempowerSatisfying your customers, ensuring employee safety and efficiency and keeping your costs under control are key’s to your success. Let us help you to deliver the impression and ambience you aspire to with clean, sparkling and shiny tableware combinations that enhance your theme. Clean tableware is a one of the primary reasons why Customers return to a restaurant. Chempower’s ware washing solutions help provide spotless dishes and glasses, making a positive impact on your Customers and brand.

At Chempower we work with you to quickly take care of your food safety requirements and associated service area, kitchen, dining and washroom cleaning needs. Whether you’re serving quick snacks, just drinks or five-course meals, we can save you time and money with products and solutions that deliver the efficiency and functionality that you need.

Keeping your kitchen, restaurant, bar or café hygienic and looking fresh is easier with our products and solutions. From front-of-house to back-of-house cleaning, our specialised products and systems can help you quickly tackle any task with confidence.

Ensure your venue is safe and hygienically clean and save time by using our quality products and solutions.

Manual Dishwashing and Ware Washing

Chempower’s dishwashing and ware washing solutions help you provide spotless dishware, glassware and silverware, making the job easier for your staff and providing a positive impact on your customers and guests.

Your Chempower Representative will work closely with you to choose the right product and system to fit the specific needs of your business.

Automatic Machine Dishwashing / Glass washing and Ware washing

Chempower’s range of ware washing detergents and rinse aids set new standards in clean. Our formulations provide for intensive wash and rinse action to deliver outstanding results whatever the machine or application. These products used in conjunction with our automatic detergent dosing systems are designed to give customers customised solutions to their needs. We partner with you to develop best dishwashing practices, training and compliance.

Hard Surface Cleaning / Degreasing

Chempower offers a comprehensive range of products and cleaning systems designed to keep your premise clean with sparkling sanitised surfaces in your dining area, washroom and kitchen.

Create a reputation and leave a lasting impression on your customers or guests by showcase your restaurant or premise with a clean, hygienic and fresh ambience.

Front of House

Your business depends on an excellent presentation. Choose products that can help to achieve great results and maintain your reputation.

Back of House

Back of house cleaning is time-consuming and exhausting. Help your team get it done faster with our effective solutions. Chempower provides a complete line of clean and safe floor solutions that break down even the toughest grease build up on your kitchen floors, helping to prevent slips and falls.

Food Preparation

The kitchen is the engine room of operations in a food service premise; prevent food contamination with products that are designed to maintain the highest possible standards of food service hygiene. To meet food safety standards, a food business must ensure that eating and drinking utensils, and food contact surfaces of equipment, are clean and sanitised.

Chempower understands that preparing food safely is an important part of protecting the health and safety of your customers, guests, residents and staff. That is why we will help you develop and maintain a food safety routine that is simple, compliant and practical.

Personal Skin Care & Hygiene

Chempower offers a range of hand soaps, sanitisers, and lotions that help keep your staff and guests safe and healthy.

Partnering with GOJO and Purell, our skin care and hand hygiene systems combines industry leading products and dispensers to give you efficient and effective outcomes that meet health and hygiene safety standards.

Food handlers wash stations

A food business must ensure that its food handlers do not handle food if there is possibility of contamination. Easily accessible handwashing facilities of running water, soap and single use towels must be provided. Keep your team healthy and your wash stations hygienically clean with our range of easy-to-use products and cost-effective solutions. Chempower will ensure your kitchen meets the Food Standards health and hygiene standards and ensure your customers and staff are protected giving you the confidence and peace of mind you desire.

Washroom Facilities

A fresh and hygienic washroom creates a lasting impression and shows your customers and staff you care about their comfort and wellbeing. Keep your team healthy and your wash stations hygienically clean with our range of easy-to-use products and cost-effective solutions.

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