Food Production: HACCP cleaning and sanitation systems

Preventing contamination in food production is a constant and serious concern for your business. Hygiene standards must be maintained at all times.

Every food processing and beverage manufacturing operation is different. But Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems are crucial whether you’re baking bread, making frozen meals or bottling juice.

Hazards in food production can be physical (for example, metal contamination); biological (bacteria or virus contamination) or chemical (for example, from use of an incorrect cleaning product).

That’s why you need to have 100 per cent confidence in the cleaning chemicals you use.

Chempower Australia has 20 years’ experience. We provide world class chemical cleaning and sanitation solutions to some of Australia’s most loved food brands.

We blend our chemicals ourselves in our Marrickville warehouse in Sydney’s inner west – so we know exactly what goes into them.

At Chempower Australia, we back our products with on-site, personalised training for your staff. Fast, responsive service will minimise food processing production downtime.

Chempower Australia’s services include:

  • design and implementation of chemical delivery systems to ensure optimum results and operational safety;
  • monitoring of chemical results;
  • customising of chemical programs;
  • full reporting and documentation; and
  • chemical stock maintenance and control.

But don’t take our word for it. Chempower Australia has partnered with Sonoma Bakery – suppliers of high-quality bread, pastry, coffee and muesli products – since 2002:

“As we have grown, Chempower has met all of our requirements for HACCP accreditation, staff training and on-going servicing and technical support… when opening new locations, we know that Chempower’s chemicals and systems will deliver exactly the outcomes we need.

“Our long-term relationship with Chempower continues to flourish as we trust their products and expertise in delivering exactly what we need as we grow our business.”
-Sonoma Bakery

Automatic pot, pan, utensil and ware washing

When it comes to high-volume washing of commercial and industrial products commonly found in food production facilities, Chempower Australia’s range of detergents and drying agents set new standards in clean. Our formulations provide for intensive wash and rinse action to deliver outstanding results whatever the machine or application.

Automatic detergent dosing systems prevent waste. And the job is done right first time, every time, saving your staff time and reducing your labour costs. At all stages, we partner with you to develop best practices, training and compliance.

Hard surface cleaning and sanitising

To meet food safety standards, a food business must ensure that all food contact surfaces are clean and sanitised. Poor cleaning techniques, use of products not fit for task and waste build up are practices that can contribute to microbiological, chemical and physical contamination of food.

Our range of cleaning solutions are designed to help you continuously improve all aspects of your cleaning routine to overcome these problems.

Chempower Australia understands the importance of a HACCP system to ensure food safety standards. We also know the business risk of non-compliance is unacceptable. That’s why we’ll partner with you to develop and maintain a food safety routine that is simple, compliant and practical.

Fresh produce preparation and sanitising

The sanitary washing and treatment of fruits and vegetables during food preparation is a critical factor in protecting the health and safety of your consumers. There are strict protocols when preparing fresh produce for consumption.

Chempower Australia can provide guidance on products and sanitation systems to reduce the levels of bacteria, including any contaminating human pathogens, and prevent cross contamination of produce during the washing stage.

Personal hygiene and skin care

Personal hygiene is where it all begins and ends for any food processing operation. A food manufacturing business must ensure that its food handlers do not handle produce if there is possibility of contamination.

Running water, soap and single use towels that are easily accessible will help ensure your production areas meet the Food Standards health and hygiene obligations.

Chempower Australia provide skin care and hand hygiene systems that combine industry leading products and dispensers to give you efficient, effective outcomes.