Food service: hygiene compliance made easy

Nothing turns away customers like being served food and drink on not-quite-clean tableware and glassware. Clean, sparkling tableware, glasses and cutlery – first time, every time – will save you time, save you money on labour costs and save your reputation.

Chempower Australia works with you to quickly take care of your commercial cleaning, food safety and hygiene requirements in your service areas, kitchen, dining and washroom.

Our specialised products and solutions deliver the efficiency, functionality and compliance you need in a complete hygiene solution, from front-of-house to the kitchen and washrooms.

Our food service commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions are backed by hands on, personalised training and support. We also provide you with cleaning efficiency and effectiveness validation.

Whether you’re serving quick snacks or five-star meals, wouldn’t it be nice to spend time planning your menus instead of struggling with food safety compliance?

It’s all about choosing the right cleaning products and reliable dispensing technology, then ensuring your staff are trained to use the systems properly.

Our detergent dosing systems will ensure there’s no waste and because our cleaning solutions do the job right first time, you save on labour costs.

And we’re a phone call away if you ever need support.

When you partner with Chempower Australia, you are benefiting from 20 years of industry expertise in helping our customers take the stress out of meeting their Food Safety and Workplace Health and Safety requirements.

Dish and glass washing

Are you washing your dishware, glassware and silverware by hand? Or using a machine? Regardless, you just want the job done properly – and quickly. Chempower Australia can show you how to achieve new standards of clean you probably didn’t realise were possible.

From front to back of house

Nothing should detract from the atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create. Our cleaning solutions will help you achieve the results you need to maintain your reputation at the front of house.

And when it comes to back of house, help your team get the job done faster. Chempower Australia provides a complete line of clean and safe floor solutions, that break down even the toughest grease build up on your kitchen floors, helping to prevent slips and falls.

Food preparation

Prevent food contamination with products specifically designed to meet the highest possible standards of food service hygiene. Chempower Australia will partner with you to develop and maintain a food safety routine that is simple, compliant and practical.

Personal skin care & hygiene

Chempower Australia offers a range of hand soaps, sanitisers, and lotions that your staff and guests will want to use. Our skin care and hand hygiene systems combine industry leading products with efficient, no-waste dispensers.

Food handler wash stations

Eliminate cross contamination of food with easily accessible handwashing facilities for food handlers. Running water, soap and single use towels are crucial. Chempower Australia’s wash stations are easy to use, and cost-efficient.

Washroom facilities

Fresh, hygienic bathrooms that look and smell clean show your guests and staff that you care about their comfort and wellbeing. Hygienic washrooms also contribute to keeping your team healthy. Talk to Chempower about our extensive range of products and solutions.