Laundry and textile

Clean, crisp, bright table linen; beautifully clean, perfectly white bed linen and soft, fresh bathroom linen.

It’s your point of difference and your reputation depends on it.

For the past 20 years, we’ve been blending our own world class chemical laundry solutions in the Chempower Australia warehouse. We know exactly what goes into our products. We know exactly how to use them to ensure you get the best results.

It’s our point of difference and our reputation depends on it.

Chempower Australia’s commercial laundry cleaning solutions can help you deliver standards of ‘cleaner, whiter, brighter’ that exceeds the expectations of your most discerning customers.

When you are using laundry chemicals, you need to understand how to apply it to different fabrics and textiles. Get it wrong and you risk damaging the items you are laundering. And that’s why dealing with a company that blends its own chemicals is such an advantage.

Chempower Australia provides a range of chemicals, chemical delivery systems and processes designed to meet all laundry applications.

We supply and install both manual dosing and fully automated systems. Customised dispensing systems will deliver the exact amount of cleaning product you need, at precisely the right time in the wash cycle. That means no waste. And because our laundry solutions ensure your linens are cleaned properly the first time, it helps meet your productivity standards.

So, whether you have a small laundrette, a large industrial or a small commercial laundry, whether you operate within a residential facility or institution or a hotel/motel, we can design, program and engineer a system that is tailored to your needs.

Chempower Australia also knows that as a professional laundry service, if you have an emergency, you need us now. That’s why we guarantee responsive, personalised support for every system we supply.

Chempower Australia has includes face-to-face training as part of the service. Because, after a couple of decades of making world class chemical cleaning and hygiene solutions for professionals, our specialist commercial laundry experts know a thing or two about stain removal, water quality, pH analysis and chemical titration.

Essential laundry

Chempower Australia has designed a range of general laundry chemicals and detergents for common laundry needs. The range encompasses liquid and powder products formulated for high performance to provide superior results in terms of effectiveness and cost.

On-premise laundry

If your business depends on producing a consistent supply of clean, hygienic and fresh linens, you need an efficient and productive laundry. We know that involves more than just commercial-grade washers, dryers and chemicals.

Chempower Australia will partner with you to develop appropriate programs and processes to provide you with simple compact solutions that address safety and the highest hygiene levels while maintaining full cost control on your commercial laundry activities.

Commercial and industrial laundry

Chempower Australia’s commercial and industrial laundry packages are designed for high volume users. This range boasts leading-edge chemical formulations that are super concentrated and for use only in automated dispensing equipment. Our systems incorporate robust chemical dosing pumps. Data management software will provide you with production reports, chemical usage, production cost, and formula costs.