Housekeeping and janitorial: clean, safe, fresh

We’ve got to say that good housekeeping and janitorial is definitely under rated and often taken for granted.

But get it wrong and, boy, do people notice.

Chempower Australia can help your team of professional housekeepers and janitors get it right. First time. Every time.

Our world class chemical cleaning products – blended by us in our Sydney warehouse – achieve a standard of clean that you can smell… see… feel. It’s a standard of clean that provides the right impression and ambience for your business.

But creating a clean work environment isn’t just about making a good impression. It’s not just about showing your customers, residents, visitors or staff that you care for their comfort. It is about ensuring a safe, healthy environment; one that meets all your Occupational Health and Safety and hygiene requirements.

Your team has to be equipped to deal with a wide range of (sometimes unexpected) cleaning situations.

You want clean, sanitised surfaces in your dining areas, washrooms and kitchens. Carpets should smell fresh. You need hard floors to be properly clean, so that there are no slip hazards caused by greasy or sticky spills.

Housekeeping and janitorial cleaning can be time consuming and exhausting. Chempower Australia can help your team to get the job done faster.

We’ve been supplying chemical cleaning products and solutions to industry professionals for two decades now.

In that time, we’ve learnt the “how” is just as important as the “what”.

That’s why, at Chempower Australia, we back our chemical cleaning products with robust, precise dispensing solutions; hands on staff training; and fast, responsive service if you ever need us.

  • You can feel confident of meeting your OH&S, hygiene and other compliance obligations.
  • The right product, in the right concentration, and used in the right way gets the job done quickly, saving labour costs.
  • Robust dispensing systems take away the guesswork for your staff, ensuring there’s no wasted product.

Talk to us today about how we can tailor customised cleaning products and solutions to help your team of professional housekeepers and janitors.