Chemical Cleaning Partner in Residential Aged Care

Chempower Australia has proudly installed chemical cleaning and hygiene solutions at two new residential aged care homes, opened by the Thompson Health Care in Cheltenham (75 rooms) and St Ives (124) rooms.

Each residential room is now equipped with personal care products – hand soaps, sanitisers and lotions – that combine gentle, effective formulas with the industry’s most reliable dispensing systems.

In the on-site laundries, Chempower Australia’s systems enhance compliance requirements by providing built in flow meter sensors ensuring proof of delivery and validation. This guarantees safe, germ-free laundry, protecting residents by eradicating the risk of infection and cross-contamination. Our solution ensures we comply with AS4146 (Australian Standards for Laundry Practice) and other government regulations.

In the kitchen, customised dishwashing systems installed by Chempower ensure dishware, glassware and silverware is clean and hygienic.

And, of course, we’ve installed systems and products to ensure the kitchens and bathrooms are sanitised and rooms and common areas are clean and fresh.

We’d like to thank Thompson Health Care, for the continued support and trust in us with your additional homes. We will continue to ensure all your residential aged care homes are clean, compliant, and safe.


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