Get Ready! Restaurant Restrictions are Easing

COVID-19 Hygiene and Sanitising Compliance Package for Restaurants and Cafes

Australia is gradually reopening, with cafes and restaurants now able to accept diners eating in for the first time since March. Now is the time to prepare your venue. Chempower Australia can help with a COVID-19 Hygiene and Sanitising Compliance Package.

Take a walk down your local café strip and you’ll see entertainment starved Aussies are already embracing the new freedoms. But there is still some nervousness. As people emerge from the safety of their homes, they’ll be looking for assurances that the venues they frequent are taking health and safety seriously.

At the moment in NSW, food and drink premises can only open up to a maximum of 10 customers at any one time. Victoria has indicated its restaurants and cafes will open in June. The number of patrons will increase as we move to Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the Australian Government’s 3 Step Plan.

But, as we all know, the Coronavirus threat is still very real. When you open your doors, you need to ensure you have an adequate hygiene and sanitation program that protects your customers and your staff.

Our COVID-19 Hygiene and Sanitising Compliance Package includes:

  • Surface sanitiser. Chemsan QAC is a concentrated, high-performance sanitising solution, designed to be applied on surfaces without the need to rinse off with water.
  • Dishwasher detergent titration and temperature validation. You need assurances that your dishwashing program is doing the job it is supposed to. Table and kitchenware shouldn’t just look clean, but must be virus free.
  • Hand santiser stations. Floor stand stations at front of house will provide easy access to hand hygiene for everyone entering and leaving your premises.
  • Personal care and hygiene. We all know the importance of handwashing and we have solutions for back and front of house.

The Chempower Difference

Chempower Australia has 20 years’ expertise in cleaning chemical manufacturing. We blend most of our own chemicals onsite, so we know exactly what goes into them. Products not made in our warehouse are sourced from reputable suppliers, who meet our exacting standards.

And when it comes to designing hygiene and sanitation solutions for the food service industry, we know our stuff. Partnering with Chempower Australia means you’ll receive quality products and dispensing systems. But more than that, you’ll have access to tailored, face-to-face staff training. You will also have fast, responsive emergency support from training experts (not salespeople) if ever you need it.

Food service providers are a large part of our business.

These past few months have been tough on many of our regular clients.

Let us help you get back on your feet and adapt to the hygiene and sanitation requirements of the ‘new normal’ in  COVID-19.

Our COVID-19 Hygiene and Sanitising Compliance Package brochure is available to download. Or contact Chempower on 1800-Chempower (1800 243 676).

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