Laundry : How do you future proof your commercial laundry system? You ask Chempower Australia.

When you are using laundry chemicals, you need to understand how to apply them to different fabrics and textiles. When you are operating a commercial laundry, the imperative for a complete cleaning solution that provides consistently good results is even more urgent.

Page Boy Commercial Laundry has been operating in Sydney for more than 50 years and has partnered with Chempower Australia for more than 15 years.

The company recently upgraded, completely redesigning their plant to make it “greener, cleaner and better”.  They knew that as part of that upgrade, they could rely on Chempower Australia to deliver a high performance, future-proofed chemical delivery system.

As Chempower Director Tony Malakellis explains, the chemical delivery system installed for Page Boy is fully automated and calibrated to release chemicals at specific times.

“By releasing cleaning chemicals in the optimum quantities at precisely the right time in the wash cycle, you get consistent results for a clean, crisp outcome every time,” Tony said.

“It also makes it extremely safe for staff operating the system, and ensures there’s no waste. Regular audit reports ensure your wash system is efficient and effective.”

Congratulations to the owners and staff of Page Boy Commercial Laundry! We’re extremely confident your new facility will allow you to continue to supply your clients with the very best service that meets your high standards.

If you’d like to discuss a tailored laundry chemical system for your business, give us a call. Chempower Australia has been supplying both manual dosing and fully automated chemical cleaning solutions to laundries – big and small – for more than two decades.

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