Not all ware washing chemicals are equal

Are you wasting money on ineffective dishwashing chemicals?

We’ve spoken before about how clean, sparkling tableware, glassware and cutlery will save you time and save money on labour costs.

It could also save your reputation; we all know customers just aren’t going to come back for not-quite-clean tableware.

So, yes, if you’re running a restaurant or other food service facility, you rely on your dishwashing equipment to ensure your tableware emerges hygienic, clean – and dry – first time, every time.

For that, you need the right chemical cleaning products.

But did you know that the chemicals you use could also either extend – or diminish – the life of your dishwasher?

A Chempower case study

A long-standing client recently moved to a new location and wasn’t happy with the quality of the wash he was receiving using the new restaurant’s existing cleaning solutions. So, he called in Chempower Australia to sort things out.

Look at the build-up of grime on these curtains from a conveyor-style dishwasher.

Wrong chemicals in the dishwasher cause a buildup of grime

This highlights how previous chemicals used in the dishwasher just weren’t adequately emulsifying, capturing, and suspending oil, grease and other soilage in the wash water.

Instead, the grime, oil, and grease were left to redeposit on the machine and the conveyor curtains.

This leaves an unhygienic dishwasher just festering with unwanted bacteria. A dishwasher in this state is a health risk to your staff and customers. And it doesn’t bear thinking about how this bacterium is transferring to the supposedly clean plates and cutlery!

It’s likely that several washes were required before the tableware looked clean. That’s a waste of costly cleaning chemicals, energy, water, and staff time.

Plus, the build-up of grime, food and soap residue over time may cause issues that affect the life and performance of the dishwasher’s wash pumps and piping.

Lost time, extra labour costs, health risks, added equipment maintenance costs, loss of reputation… suddenly those cheap dishwashing chemicals aren’t looking like such a good deal.

The Chempower difference

We reviewed the needs of this premises, and they switched over to a customised range of Chempower products.

The difference is obvious; take a look at the conveyor curtain after using Chempower chemical cleaning products!

At Chempower, our chemical cleaning products are world class. We know that because we make them ourselves.

We have a range of products for both auto and manual feed dishwashers, as well as products specially designed for handwashing, stain removal, degreasing and sanitising.

In fact, we can provide chemical cleaning solutions for every aspect of food service, including front of house.

We back this up with responsive on-site service to ensure that your staff understand basic care instructions and know how to use our products safely and effectively. Plus, you’ll get regular reports on the condition of your machines.

Talk to us today – call 1800 Chempower (that’s 1800 243 676).

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