Sonoma Bakery

Sonoma is synonymous with excellence. We provide our customers with high quality bread, pastry, coffee and muesli products containing premium ingredients made with passion, hard work and integrity. We expect our suppliers to emulate these characteristics.

We have partnered with Chempower since 2002 since opening our first store in Glebe, Sydney. As we have grown, Chempower has met all of our requirements for HACCP accreditation, staff training and on-going servicing and technical support. Their promises are commitments and the subsequent outcomes are delivered seamlessly and professionally with a quality orientation.

They continue to meet our high standards.

When opening new locations, we know that Chempower’s chemicals and systems will deliver exactly the outcomes we need. Our long-term relationship with Chempower continues to flourish. We trust their products and expertise in delivering exactly what we need as we grow our business.
-Sonoma Bakery