Aged Care Hygiene

Six Key Strategies for Aged Care Hygiene

There’s no doubt that aged care and health are on the frontline as Australia – and the world – faces the most serious threat to health in our lifetimes. When it comes to cleaning and hygiene solutions for an aged care or health facility, you’re facing not just one, but multiple compliance regimes. And that’s without the additional protocols required to protect your patients from the pandemic that is COVID-19.

There’s the kitchens and food serving areas; housekeeping and janitorial cleaning of accommodation, public spaces and offices; your on-premise laundry plus personal skin care and hygiene for your staff and residents.

Cleaning and hygiene solutions are vital to ensuring the health and comfort of your residents. But subpar products and poor service can have a significant impact on the health of the vulnerable people in your care. This was true before coronavirus. And the need is even greater now.

1. Supply

Chempower Australia is proud that it has been able to meet the demands of its regular clients in this time of extraordinary demand, through both its own production and strategic partnerships with reputable manufacturers.

We’ve been blending our own cleaning and sanitisation chemicals in our Marrickville warehouse for the past 20 years.

2. Price v Cost

We’ve heard it often enough. Pay peanuts. Get monkeys. Cleaning chemicals can look and smell the same. And they may even have the same or similar ingredients. But the results can be markedly different. The price of a product or service is not always indicative of its cost.

Again, because we produce our own chemical cleaning products, we know exactly what goes into them.

3. Reduce Labour Costs

Chemicals are a tool to get a job done. Using effective cleaning chemical products and solutions will mean that the job gets done quicker, with less need to rewash and less manual labour to clean and scrub.

4. Assets Management

Did you know, using the right cleaning chemicals in the right concentrations can prolong the lifespans of your dishwashers, floors and benches? If you’ve got the right cleaning chemical company, you’ll have support that helps identify potential mechanical failures. Quickly and seamlessly solve emerging problems before they become costly.

5. Risk Management

You’re in aged care, you’re used to managing risk. You know it makes sense to partner with a company whose products, systems and service validation provides strong assurances of compliance. Chempower Australia will provide you with proactive support. You’ll receive up-to-date, relevant information on sanitising validation and procedures, food safety laws and Work Health and Safety requirements as they relate to your cleaning and aged care hygiene requirements.

6. Contract Management

Chempower Australia has solutions for commercial kitchens, food service, laundry, housekeeping and janitorial, and personal skin care. One contract covers a tailored, full-service package that includes product, dispensers and on-site training and support. That’s going to save you significant time, and ultimately money.

Chempower Australia’s Expertise

Our number one priority is to help you navigate the complex array of compliance and accreditation issues around hygiene and sanitation. It’s what Chempower Australia has been doing for 20 years. We are well placed to provide you with strategic advice in these unprecedented times.

Chempower Australia’s rigorous compliance-focused cleaning products and sanitation solutions will give you peace of mind and the confidence that you are providing your patients, residents and staff with the most hygienic environment possible.

If you’d like to discuss your health and aged care cleaning chemical requirements, please give us a call.

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