Correct Chemical Handling

Training your staff

When you’re dealing with commercial cleaning chemicals, there’s no room for error.

According to SafeWork New South Wales, over the past four years there have been more than 6,500 injuries in New South Wales workplaces as a result of poor handling or storage of hazardous chemicals.

Tragically, over that period, eight people died and more than 250 are now permanently disabled.

It’s why Chempower Australia puts such a priority on staff training.

What’s covered in our training sessions?

Whether you’re in residential aged care, food service and production or laundry and textiles, your staff need to know what chemical products are used for, how to handle and store them correctly, and what quantities to use.

What protective gear should be worn? Can you mix products? What do you do in case of an accident or spill?

All this is covered in Chempower Australia’s face-to-face training sessions.

These training sessions are an opportunity for us to demonstrate correct procedures. But it also allows your team members to ask us any questions about the product range we supply and their purpose.

We’ll also make sure the training sessions are relevant to specific areas of operation. For example, our technicians who service aged care facilities will conduct separate training sessions across kitchen, housekeeping, and laundry.

Some of the things we would cover in a training session include:

  • Appropriate use of commercial chemicals through Safety Operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Safety procedures in using commercial chemicals using the correct personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Safety Data Sheets and how to interpret them
  • The importance of colour coding and ensuring the correct colours are used for the appropriate area.
  • Real examples of mistakes we have seen in the field of not using the correct chemicals.

We provide training books for your staff so they can refer to them later, and of course we’re available for follow up.

Expert Knowledge

One of the reasons Chempower staff can conduct these training sessions is they’re not salespeople – they’re specialists in the field.

We manufacture all our chemical products on site in our Sydney warehouse. So we know exactly what goes into them.

Let us take away the hassles of understanding the correct cleaning processes, so your business remains clean and compliant.

For tailored solutions for your commercial chemical cleaning needs, contact Chempower.

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