Food Processing Compliance

Surprise audit? No worries!

An unannounced compliance audit could be a cause for concern, but not when you have the right chemical cleaning products, systems and processes in place, as one of Chempower Australia’s customers recently proved.

One of our clients in the food processing industry recently had a full check of their facility by food compliance regulatory authorities.

This client was happy to report that their surfaces – cleaned by surface sanitiser supplied by Chempower Australia – passed those tests.

We were just as delighted as they were by the outcome. But the result of this surprise audit was really no surprise at all.


More than just chemical products

This is one of those stories that is more than just having the right chemical cleaning products on hand. When we sell chemical cleaning products, we don’t just deliver and go. We partner with our clients to ensure they have everything they need to remain compliant with relevant hygiene regulations on a daily basis.

For example, take surface sanitisers. They need to be mixed with water, and once they are, they have an expiry date. So, as part of the tailored cleaning and hygiene plan developed for this facility, there’s a checklist of procedures for the staff to follow.

We’ve also trained the staff. This ensures they understand what the processes and procedures are but – perhaps more crucially – why they’re so important. Our training also covers how to mix, store and handle the necessary chemical cleaning products.

But it doesn’t end there. Our field technicians visit regularly. In this particular facility, we’re on site monthly. During these visits, we’re talking to staff about any issues that may have cropped up, we’re reinforcing hygiene and compliance practices, and we’re monitoring and servicing any equipment we install.

Chempower Australia also conducts regular testing of surfaces to make sure they comply with relevant hygiene standards. Our records indicate that this facilities regularly checks all the boxes for hygiene compliance… and that’s what the official audit found also.

This personalised follow up is what makes Chempower Australia stand out from the rest.

Cleaning and hygiene solutions for professionals

Chempower Australia is a family-owned business. We’ve been helping the food processing and service industries to be clean, compliant and more profitable for over 20 years. Our world class commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions are backed by responsive, personalised service. It’s that simple.

If you’d like more information, we’d welcome your call.

Testing of surfaces
Chemical testing of cleaned surfaces using Chempower Australia products and processes.
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