No room for hygiene complacency for businesses in COVID-19

Cleaning and hygiene still a priority

Weeks of ‘donut days’ and an easing of restrictions mean life has been a little easier lately. But if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that we can’t afford to become complacent.

Australia has done remarkably well in battling the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccination rollout is giving many a sense of assurance that the worst is over.

But we just need to look at recent instances of COVID-19 ‘escaping’ from quarantine hotels and hospitals to know that the pandemic is not over. None of us want to return to a life of lockdown, sudden border closures and major disruption to business.

Hygiene vigilance

As a manufacturer of cleaning and hygiene solutions, helping industry professionals to stay clean, compliant and more profitable has been our core business for the more than 20 years.

At Chempower Australia, we develop, design and manufacture our own chemical cleaning and hygiene solutions for food service and production, health and aged care facilities and commercial laundries.

When the pandemic hit, Chempower Australia was uniquely placed to meet the increased demand for hygiene solutions. And we’re proud to say that despite shortages elsewhere, we were able to maintain supply to our regular clients.

Changing expectations

But while clean, safe and fresh has always been of utmost importance to the industries we serve, we’ve noticed a societal shift.

As Australians, we’ve changed our behaviours to combat the coronavirus. For example, everyone now understands the importance of regular handwashing and sanitisation.

It also means, has a society, we’ve become less tolerant of hygiene breaches. It means your customers demand better standards of clean. That’s a good thing. And it’s something you don’t have to figure out how to achieve on your own. Chempower Australia can help.

Not just a product offering

As well as delivering high quality cleaning products, manufactured right here in our Marrickville warehouse, Chempower sees its role as empowering clients with the necessary systems, support and training.

Chempower Australia’s services include:

  • design and implementation of chemical delivery systems to ensure optimum results and operational safety;
  • monitoring of chemical results;
  • customising of chemical programs;
  • full reporting and documentation; and
  • chemical stock maintenance and control.

We also provide on-site staff training, because it’s no good having the right tools, without knowing how to use them.

Personalised packages

At Chempower Australia, we tailor our packages to your business needs.

Laundry systems that deliver standards of ‘cleaner, whiter, brighter’ than you didn’t think possible. New standards of clean for automatic pot, pan, utensil and ware washing in commercial kitchens and food production. Sanitisation solutions for front and back of house. Gentle, effective personal hygiene products and dispensing solutions. These are just some of the world class commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions offered by Chempower Australia.

And it is all backed by rapid support from technical experts, who are passionate about what they do.

If you’d like to explore how Chempower Australia can help your business be clean, compliant and more profitable, we’d love to chat. Call us on 1800 243 676 or email us on


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