Washware and Commercial Dishwasher Care

Clean, Compliant and More Profitable

We all know that serving food on dull or dirty dishes is the quickest way to ruin your reputation. It’s why so many food service operators rely on commercial grade dishwashers.

But how clean is your dishwasher? And why is this important?

We often talk about the importance of using quality chemicals in your dishwashing procedure. High quality cleaning chemicals dispensed in the right quantities at the right time will give you results you didn’t think possible.

When we demonstrate the ability of Chempower’s dispensing systems to produce clean, dry plates and glasses first time, every time, the most common reaction is surprise. And, if we’re honest, relief. Just think of the labour cost savings in not having to rewash or dry your kitchen and tableware.

What many people don’t realise is that dishwasher care is just as important as your cleaning chemicals and dispensing system to achieving the right result.

How do I know if my commercial dishwasher needs care?

Commercial dishwashers are designed to withstand daily non-stop operation and some pretty rough handling. But if you don’t follow basic care instructions, your machine wash quality will reduce. You might even get component failure.

If you notice visible scum on your dishwasher’s inner walls and cleaning rotors, you know maintenance is well overdue.

You might also see food particles appearing on washed wares, or notice a smell coming from your machine.

The problem of limescale

There are two primary areas where your dishwasher can be exposed to potential contaminants. The first is food particles and bacteria from dirty dishes. It’s why the first step in loading a commercial dishwasher is a quick high-pressure rinse. Even so, regular cleaning of your filters is important.

The second potential contaminant is from your water source.

Our water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulphates. If you are in an area with hard water, the concentration of these minerals will be higher.

Over time, the minerals in water form deposits called scale in your dishwasher. The build-up of scale can clog pipes and jets, cause corrosion and rust in tanks and also lead to overheating and component failure due to impaired water flow. Scale can also impact the accuracy of electrical sensors and produce false readings. Without you even realising it, your machine can be non-compliant.

So, what’s to be done?

Fortunately, there are preventive measures you can take to ensure the longevity of your commercial dishwasher. This can help prevent costly repair and service fees.

When you partner with Chempower in your residential aged care or health facility, or commercial kitchen, we monitor your dishwasher as part of our regular visits.

Our inspections and diagnostic reports will quickly identify any issues. We’re then able to provide the right products and maintenance advice to help keep your dishwasher running at its peak.

The before and after photos, taken by our Technical Consultant Penny Hudson show just what a difference descaling can make to a dishwasher.

commercial dishwasher care

Penny noticed the problem during a routine servicing of a client’s dishwasher and was able to immediately fix the problem with Chempower Descaler.

Like all our products, Chempower Descaler is made right here in Sydney – in our Marrickville warehouse. Because we make the product, we know exactly what goes into it, and can stand by its quality and effectiveness.

But as the example above shows, it is not just about using the right product. It’s about ongoing support. Regular, routine onsite attendance by Chempower technicians ensure all your chemical cleaning and dispensing system are working exactly as they should. And that helps your business to stay ‘Clean, Compliant and More Profitable’.

If you’d like more information about partnering with Chempower, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your chemical cleaning needs.

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