Price versus Cost

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We all know that when times are tough, we look for ways we can cut back on expenses. But what does it really cost if you cut corners on cleaning and hygiene?

At Chempower Australia, we know we’re not the cheapest in PRICE, but we’re extremely confident that if you’re looking for VALUE, we won’t be beaten on the results we achieve at a fair COST.

Let’s take the example of a client in the food service industry to illustrate the difference between cost, price and related value.

This business had been with us for some time. We all know that the lockdowns associated with COVID-19 hit hard and, looking to save some money, we lost them to a cheaper competitor.

Time passed and the business installed a new head chef, who happened to be very familiar with Chempower Australia’s products and services.

When this new chef started, he quickly realised that his plates, the floor and the overall hygiene in his kitchen just weren’t up to the standards he was used to.

He contacted Chempower Australia, asking us to fit our products and dispenser equipment, and bring his kitchen up to the standard that he expects, and hygiene compliance standards demand.

We were happy to oblige and welcome them back.

Keeping it clean and compliant

You can see from the before and after photographs what a difference that quality chemicals and the right cleaning processes make.

Build-up of limescale, grime and oils on dishwashing equipment like this provides an ideal breeding ground for germs and may impede the operation of the dishwasher and perhaps shorten the life of equipment if left unchecked.

Plates and glassware not coming out clean, bright and dry the first time, every time? Rewashing means excess chemicals are used and, if your staff have to manually inspect and dry tableware every time, it will add to labour costs.

There’s an obvious health hazard caused by accumulated grease and dirt on floors and walkways – it attracts insects and vermin, causes slip hazards and is just plain unsightly.

And that’s not even taking into account the cost of staff frustration because the job is harder to do, lost reputation and business if an unhygienic kitchen leads to a failed food safety audit or a less than savoury online review from customers.

Cheaper price? What’s the point of using a cheaper product that doesn’t work and going to cost you more in other areas?

More than just chemical cleaning products

The Chempower Australia point of difference is twofold.

Firstly, we manufacture all our chemicals on site in our Marrickville warehouse. We know exactly what goes into each product. It’s not an empty boast when we say that we know our chemical products are world class.

But it’s more than just supplying chemicals and hoping for the best.

Our second point of difference is that Chempower’s representatives see themselves as your partners in cleaning and hygiene.

Once we’ve installed our dispensing systems, we’ll do regular checks and to make sure everything is running smoothly. We service equipment regularly, ensuring that any maintenance issues are dealt with as soon as they arise. This prolongs the life of equipment and ensures costly repairs are kept to a minimum.

We’ll ensure all your staff are properly trained in correct chemical use and handling. That’s because when products are applied correctly, you end up using less of them. And you get the right results first time – clean floors, hygienic benchtops, sparkling (and dry) cutlery and crockery.

It all adds up to value for money.

Chempower Australia is expert in keeping industry professionals clean, hygienic and compliant in not just the food service industry, but in food processing, health and aged care, laundry and textiles, housekeeping and janitorial services, as well as personal skin care. Call us today to see how we can help you.

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