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Partnering with a Balmain Institution

When you spend two years planning a major overhaul of the oldest licensed pub in Balmain, you want to make sure that when you do open, you have the best team behind you.

The Dry Dock has partnered with Chempower Australia to supply all its chemical cleaning and hygiene needs.
Established in 1857, the historic pub recently reopened with a new direction, a polished new look, a celebrated new chef with serious food credentials, and a top-quality wine and cocktail list.

Exacting Standards

When Executive Chef Ben Sitton met with Chempower Australia, he made it clear that he wanted his plates and glassware to go through the wash cycle and come out clean and dry first time, every time.

He also wanted regular reporting on all the cleaning and hygiene systems installed by Chempower.

It goes without saying that he needed all kitchen work surfaces and floors to be properly sanitised.

These requirements are nothing new to Chempower. In fact, they’re part of our standard operating procedure.

Let’s face it; food and drink service for a 100-seat à la carte restaurant, plus a public bar and lounge bar is stressful enough.

You should be able to trust that your cleaning and hygiene systems meet the rigorous standards you set – and continue to do so every day, every time.

World Class Products and Service

Chempower Australia makes and supplies world-class chemical cleaning products. They’re manufactured on site in our Marrickville warehouse.

But, leaving aside the quality chemical products, we see our point of difference as being our service. And that’s what sealed the deal for The Dry Dock.

At Chempower Australia, our representatives visit our partner-clients regularly, we’re there to monitor and report on the efficiency of the cleaning and hygiene systems we have installed. This ensures any maintenance or performance issues are dealt with as soon as they arise.

We also ensure staff are properly trained in correct chemical use and handling techniques.

And Chempower Australia has the expertise to ensure a venue like The Dry Dock meets all its hygiene compliance obligations.

It all adds up to the smooth operation of the kitchen.

The Dry Dock has been a Balmain institution for more than 160 years. We’re proud to be part of the next exciting chapter.

If you would like more information on partnering with Chempower in food service, food production, health and aged care facilities, laundry and textiles or in personal hygiene, why not call us. We can cover all your chemical cleaning and hygiene needs.

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