Putting Tornado 2000 to the challenge

Seeing is believing

Delivering our usual supply of dishwasher detergent and rinse aid to a popular pizza restaurant, we noticed that the table and glassware were sparkling. But the floors? Not so much.

While this restaurant has been using our products on their dishes, glasses and cutlery for the past nine years, they were still using another company’s product to clean the floor because they thought our products were too expensive.

Why? Well, floor cleaners are floor cleaners and chemicals are chemicals. Right?


Chempower Australia blends its own products on site at its Marrickville warehouse. That means we know exactly what goes into them.

While others may undercut us on price, you get what you pay for.

A quality product means the job gets done well the first time, with minimal staff labour. And Chempower Australia provides onsite staff training in the right application of our cleaning solutions. That means the correct quantities of chemicals are used, and there’s no wasted product.

World Class Products

We know our chemical cleaning and dispensing solutions are world class.

So, when the manager of this pizza restaurant challenged us to prove that the Tornado 2000 would do a better job than his regular product, we jumped at the chance.

Chempower’s Lino Napolitano put a couple of splashes of Tornado 2000, which works as a floor cleaner and degreaser, in a bucket of water.

And the result? Well, let’s just say sometimes even old friends can surprise you, and it was nice to know that after a nine-year business relationship. Chempower Australia certainly astonished the restaurant crew. The manager couldn’t believe the difference in his restaurant floor. (And we assure you there’s absolutely no filter on these photos.)

What do you think? Want to see what difference Chempower Australia’s robust cleaning solutions can have in your restaurant or café?

Food service cleaning specialists

We have solutions for every area of your food service premise.

Chempower Australia can supply cleaning solutions to keep your front of house clean. Window King is perfect for windows, glass and chrome. Sheen wizard is a high-class furniture spray cleanser. We’ve even got the bathroom covered with Power Fresh air freshener, and Blue Thunder acid cleaner / disinfectant.

We also have personal care products such as hand sanitiser and liquid soap for your guests. In fact, our COVID-19 Hygiene and Compliance Package will help you meet your sanitation obligations as your business keeps trading in the pandemic environment.

In the kitchen, Chempower Australia’s range of specialised degreasers and cleaners will ensure you food preparation areas are grease free. We have everything from heavy-duty oven and grill cleaners (our Warrior and Terminator degreasers), to sanitation products for food prep areas.

And you just have to look at the before and after pictures to see how good our floor cleaners are!

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