Food service hygiene & the power of online reviews

If you’re in the food service industry, you know the power of online reviews. The last thing you need, particularly in the COVID-19 environment, is a negative review on hygiene.

Transparency is becoming more and more relevant for consumers. In fact, according to some studies, almost 90% of consumers will read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business.

Poor reviews posted online – on Facebook, on Google, or sites like Tripadvisor – have the power to break you.

Honestly, would you choose to eat at any one of these Sydney restaurants after reading these reviews?

  • “The hygiene is questionable.” Google review, dumpling restaurant, Sydney.
  • “I felt the need to wipe down the tables myself.” Google review, Indian restaurant, Sydney
  • “The dodgiest and filthiest restaurant… I would be curious to see how their latest cleaning inspection went?” Tripadvisor review, Lebanese restaurant, Sydney
  • “Disappointed with food hygiene… I took the spoon with the bug still in it and showed it to the attendant…” Tripadvisor review, Vietnamese restaurant, Sydney
  • “The hygiene in the men’s restroom is not acceptable for the price I paid.” Google review, fine dining restaurant, Sydney

Nothing turns away customers like being served food and drink on not-quite-clean tableware and glassware. And nothing turns potential customers away like reading reviews commenting on that questionable hygiene.

Hygiene and COVID-19

In this pandemic environment, your customers are more attuned than ever to the need for strict hygiene requirements. Make no mistake, customers will choose a restaurant or café not just for the food and location but because of the level of cleanliness.

Sure, you can offer sanitiser at the door, but if your bathroom is filthy, or the cutlery isn’t clean, it is an empty gesture. Your customers will notice. And they’ll call you out, in a very public way, if they think you’re not up to standard.

Chempower Australia works with you to quickly take care of your commercial cleaning, food safety and hygiene requirements in your service areas, kitchen, dining and washroom.

Our specialised products and solutions deliver the efficiency, functionality and compliance you need in a complete hygiene solution, from front-of-house to the kitchen and washrooms.

Our food service commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions are backed by hands on, personalised training and support. We also provide you with cleaning efficiency and effectiveness validation.

To help businesses struggling with the new health regulations around the coronavirus, Chempower Australia offering a COVID-19 compliance package. Everything you need to help you maintain the rigorous levels of cleanliness demanded by your customers and health authorities.

“Great food quality and presentation with fresh ingredients, superb attention to details by all the staff to make sure everything’s clean, hygienic, and COVID-safe, polite and friendly service.” Five-star Google review, French restaurant, Sydney.

Now, isn’t that more like it?

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